Summer 78

Our third song is an atmospheric cover of Yann Tiersen’s “Summer 78”. Yann Tiersen wrote it for the soundtrack of “Goodbye Lenin”, a widely acclaimed German film released in 2003.

Do you know where we took this beautiful summer photo? :-)

Christopher loves this piece of music and recorded it on his piano at home. Martin listened to that recording and instantly liked it. He decided to add some instrumental colours with his synths. And with Vincent’s acoustic guitar, “Summer 78” finally became a delicate cover.

For “Summer 78” Christopher also made a nice video clip. Enjoy!

Hey There Delilah

Here it is finally – we proudly present our first production as a group of four! It’s a cover of Plain White T’s Hey There Delilah.

Martin and Maxim were often singing it at the Schachen summer camp, merely accompanied by a western guitar. They loved it and decided to make a fully orchestrated cover.

While they were working on it they met Vincent and Christopher and it didn’t take long until they were all working together. Martin created the main parts of the arrangement such as the lead vocals, piano solo in the middle of the song and lush synth tracks. Christo contributed another beautiful piano track and recorded the backing vocals. Maxim added some nice guitar takes and Vincent played the stunning guitar solo at the end of the song.

A really beautiful photo taken at the Schachen summer camp that perfectly suits our song!

The amazing thing – which you will have noticed too – is that it’s actually possible to make music ignoring the big distances between each other’s homes. It’s very important for us to point out that love of music is stronger than any obstacles between the musicians, whether the obstacles are great distances or differences in culture, nationality or language. This also fits the song’s lyrics: they describe that love overcomes distance and we show that it is the same thing with music!

With this song we want to say thank you to all our fans and supporters and hope you enjoy the cover! Use the comments section to give us  your opinion. If you like what you hear, share it with your friends. And remember, our young team is open to other devoted musicians!

Good Riddance

This song cover was made during the Maxim und Martin-era.

It’s a cover of Green Day’s Good Riddance. As we love the original and as there are close bonds to the Schachen summer camp (Schachen Zeltlager) we felt motivated to create this cover. It’s great fun being a member or carer in this camp and it’s very memorable.

Our objective was to create a beautiful cover in an ambient style. If you listen to it while you’re resting, it’s easy to relax and you think about nice times you spent with your friends.

We thank all the magnificent people who inspired us for this project and last but not least Green Day as the great creator of the original song.

Hope you enjoy listening!

The big campfire at the end of the Schachen camp fits very well to our song’s emotions.