A picture of Maxim

Hello, yeah that’s me – Maxim!

There is not a lot of things to write about me. I’m a 16 y.o. student from Southern Germany and I enjoy playing the guitar and the piano. My first contact with music and learning an instrument I have had in primary school at the age of 6 when I started to learn playing the recorder. This instrument never made me happy why I stopped this activity and attended me to the classical piano. Years later my interests in rock music grew and I bought myself an electric guitar.

Martin and I met each other in a summer camp for children and teenagers in which he worked as a carer (Schachen-Zeltlager). After having found out about each other’s interests in music we started to collaborate in musical projects using the Internet as a way to share our ideas and synchronise our records. Under the title “Maxim und Martin” we shared our first common song, a cover on Green Day’s Good Riddance on our own website. With the acquisition of Vincent and Christopher we decided all together to rename the project. Our project is open for new members! Please just use the contact form.

My gear


  • Gibson Les Paul Studio from 2012
  • Ibanez RG350DX from 2007
  • Harley Benton Steelstring


  • Marshall MG30CFX

Interface, DAW, Mic:

  • Native Instruments KOMPLETE AUDIO 6
  • Cubase Artist 7.5
  • NI Guitar Rig
  • Shure SM58