Well, on the right side, that’s me! (with Maxim on the left side who visited me here in Ulm)

I grew up in Heilbronn, Southern Germany, where I graduated my civilian service and studied. The working environment protracted me to Ulm, where I have been working for several years now.

I first experienced with the xylophone, in primary school I tried the recorder and later I switched to the piano. After my confirmation I learnt to play the trumpet and participated in the local trombone choir until I moved to Ulm.

During the end of my school time I discovered my favourite instrument, the synthesizer. I was impressed by the many different sounds you’re able to play with this amazing device. I started to compose my first own pieces and so experienced the way of digital music production.

With my access into the working environment I pushed down my activities in music for a couple of years. Finally I became aware of the fact that I lost a lot of joy without music. I reoriented myself and began to sing in a small choir in the adult education center in Ulm. In 2008 I joined the trombone choir in Söflingen. A colleague told me about a hobby rockband which I joined as a keyboarder and singer. Making music with like-minded persons is one of the most beautiful hobbies for me!

I had been a honorary carer in the EJW Heilbronn’s Schachen summer camp (Schachen-Zeltlager) for 18 years. The music and the singing with the participators held me dear. In 2012 Maxim has been in my group and I recognized his musical talents. Our joy in making music motivated us for the project Maxim und Martin which became later on with the acquistion of Christopher and Vincent Devoted to Music.

My gear


In earlier times I used several digital hardware synthesizers from Roland (JV-80, JV-1080, JX-305, XP-30 with several expansion boards), Korg (01R/W) and Yamaha (MU100R) for creating songs.

Nowadays for an easier setup I use software instruments from Steinberg, Native Instruments and other companies for composing.

Studio Tools:

  • Steinberg Cubase 8.5 Pro (DAW)
  • RME Fireface UCX (audio interface)
  • Adam A5X (active speakers)
  • Beyerdynamic DT-990 (headphones)
  • Shure SM58 LC (dynamic microphone)