Good Riddance

This song cover was made during the Maxim und Martin-era.

It’s a cover of Green Day’s Good Riddance. As we love the original and as there are close bonds to the Schachen summer camp (Schachen Zeltlager) we felt motivated to create this cover. It’s great fun being a member or carer in this camp and it’s very memorable.

Our objective was to create a beautiful cover in an ambient style. If you listen to it while you’re resting, it’s easy to relax and you think about nice times you spent with your friends.

We thank all the magnificent people who inspired us for this project and last but not least Green Day as the great creator of the original song.

Hope you enjoy listening!

The big campfire at the end of the Schachen camp fits very well to our song’s emotions.


12 thoughts on “Good Riddance”

  1. E fantastica questa canzone… Mi manca solo un po’ una versione per bene in lingua italiana di questo sito web, per poter capire tutti i contenuti e gli articoli pubblicati!
    Buon lavoro e saluti!

    1. Grazie, grazie!! La versione in lingua italiana manca effetivamente :D Noi integriamo la versione presto :)

  2. Haha, heutzutage verbreitet sich echt alles wie ein Lauffeuer, kaum weiß ich von der Website, hat der erste Franzose shon einen Kommentar geschrieben. Schicke Website, Maxim!!! ;) Viel Erfolg!!! ;)

    1. Vielen Dank Tom, es kommen ja auch noch mehr Songs ;D Viel Spaß dann auch damit :) Übrigens: MArtin ist die treibende Kraft bei der Entwicklung der Webseite, da will ich mich nicht mit fremden Federn schmücken :D

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